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Alt Vision have over 12 years of experience supporting and implementing VMware Service Manager (formally:  InfraEnteprise ITSM Software).

Now that VMware have discontinued the VMware Service Manager (VSM) product from sale in 2012 and left these customers with no VMware migration path, existing customers need to plan for a future migration to another Service Desk/ITSM Tool. 

Our understanding is that VMware require all InfraEnterprise V8 and VSM 9.0 customers to upgrade to VSM 9.1 to receive product support.  Unfortunately this upgrade can be complex and sometimes just as expensive as moving to another platform.  Even if you do this, VMware have stated support will be discountinued in July  2017 for the current version 9.1.

Alt Vision have been working with a number of VSM Customers to formulate their migration strategy and then, plan, manage and execute the migration from VSM to the Cherwell ITSM Software.

Our  in depth experience with InfraEnterprise/VSM and Cherwell provide the following benefits:

  • Quickly Understand how your organization uses the various functions of VSM.
  • Skilled VSM Developers can assess and document Custom Modification, Workflow Requests and Service Requests within your current VSM System.
  • Map Current VSM Business Processes  to Cherwell Functionality through configuration and adaptation.
  • Efficiently Map Critical InfraEnterprise/VSM Data to the Cherwell Data Structures to facilitate effective data migration.
  • Lower Risk when transitioning from VSM to the new Cherwell ITSM Platform
  • Efficient Transition Planning for larger sites 
Please contact one of our senior consultant for a no obligation high level assessment of your current InfraEnterprise/VSM System and a no obligation demonstration of the capabilities of the Cherwell ITSM Platform Tool-set.  You will not be disappointed.