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Assessments typically can be used to create a baseline so that the organization is able to:

  • Understand “where are we now”
  • Identify gaps between the actual and the desired state
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

The advantage of assessments is that they provide an approach to sample particular elements of a process or the process organisation, to assess the Processes impact, efficiency and effectiveness within your organization.  Just by conducting a formal assessment, an organization is demonstrating their significant level of commitment to improvement.  Assessments involve real costs, staff time and management promotion.  Organisations need to be more than just involved in an assessment; they need to be committed to improvement and Customer Service Improvement (CSI).

Comparison of the operational environment to industry norms is a relatively straight forward process. The metrics associated with industry norms are typically designed into the process control structure. Sampling and comparison then can be considered an operational exercise. Dealing with gaps apparent from such monitoring and reporting are addressed as an element of the check stage of the improvement life cycle. An assessment based on comparison to a maturity model has been common over the last several years.

A well-designed maturity-assessment framework evaluates the viability of all aspects of the process environment including the people, process and technology as well as factors effecting overall process effectiveness within the business – culture of acceptance, process strategy and vision, process organization, process governance, business/IT alignment, process reporting/metrics and decision making.