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With the support of our specialized partner Impetus Consulting and their Certified Lead Assessors, we conduct an assessment and roadmap planning activity to support the successful deployment of our Cherwell Service management solution. The advantage of this combination is that our ITIL Experts who specialize in Cherwell technology are working alongside the ITIL Experts of an independent consulting team, allowing an assessment to include the benefits that can be achieved through automation using Cherwell technology, while not compromising the overall objective of the assessment activities.

We concentrate on an overall assessment leading to the identification and presentation of improvement opportunities. The improvement opportunities identified during the assessment and gap analysis are prioritized during workshops with nominated customer staff and are used to develop the road-map for the implementation of quick wins towards gaining momentum and enabling the customer’s team to be able to run further improvement cycles with the skills to be transferred during the initiative. With the gained skills achieved during a planned technology deployment, the customer’s team will be able achieve in the longer term their desired objectives with minimal external supervision.

Our assessment activities are driven through the use of TIPA methodology, an internationally accepted method of assessing the maturity of IT Service Management processes within an organization. It is based on the ISO/IEC15504 standard, which provides an internationally accepted maturity model and a framework for the assessment of processes. A TIPA assessment is objective and repeatable, and enables the ability to provide an accurate “snapshot” of the actual organizational practices at a given time. Read more on TIPA

We execute the assessment in the following stages:

  • Definition:  sponsor involvement, agreement on a service offer and identification of assessment scope (A proposal is the deliverable for this stage).
  • Preparation:  assessment organization, planning, selection of the interviewees.
  • On-site assessment:  document reviews and interviews.
  • Results analysis and consolidation:  synthesis and detailed results, SWOT analysis and recommendations.
  • Results presentation:  presentation to management and all involved staff, the results of the assessment and the road map for improvements.

The Assessment Report summarizes the whole assessment project.  It comprises the maturity profile for the assessed processes, the analysis of this profile, the identified strengths and weaknesses, the improvement recommendations, and the general action plan.

Two presentations of the assessment results are foreseen for the Management on the one hand, and for all involved parties, on the other hand.

Deliverables of Assessment & Gap Analysis are the Final Assessment & Gap Analysis Report which includes:

  • Maturity Analysis of IT Service Management processes according to ITIL/ISO 20000.
  • Gap Analysis providing identified improvement opportunities according to the customers priorities including:
    • Recommended solution along with identified set of processes to be improved, high level policies and suggested roles and responsibilities.
    • Recommended Road map for the implementation of the improvement opportunities in conjunction with the deployment phases for Cherwell Service Manager.
  • A high-level plan for the long term activities for achieving the required quality, objectives or certification.
  • Recommended best practice training plans for customer staff members.