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Alt Vision Pty Ltd have over 13 years of experience supporting and implementing IT Service Management Systems.

Over the last few years Cherwell Software has been gaining traction as one of the up and coming ITSM solutions available.  In 2012, we did a market review of all ITSM/ITIL Products on the market.  Cherwell Software topped our list, by both its Technical Superiority, Cost of Ownership and the company's Vision.  All are necessary to deliver real effective ITSM solutions to our customers.

 Alt Vision have since signed up to Cherwell's Value Added Reseller program and have become a "Preferred Reseller" for Cherwell in the APAC/ME region.  This involved undertaking extensive training for our technical staff, in the implementation and support of the Cherwell ITSM solution and it underlying CBAT development platform.  Four of our Senior Technical Consultants are accredited Cherwell Certified Implementers,   with all other Technical staff completing the Cherwell Administration Training and in-house development and support training.

Grow Usage of your Existing Cherwell Implementation (additional ITIL Processes)

If your company has already implemented some of the ITIL processes provided by Cherwell but would like to utilised those not yet configured,  we can assist.     Typically this would involve firstly, running a process workshop to gather client specific requirements, then preparing a detailed process design document for your sign-off, followed by any configuration and/or adaptation required to implement the process onto the customers UAT system.  Once user acceptance testing sign-off has been obtained, the new process would be deployed to you production environment.

New non-IT Automated Business Processes

Cherwell provides a great platform for Automating Business Processes. If you have additional business processes you would like to automate with customer portals, submission forms, approvals, routing and task allocation with underlying business logic, Cherwell can be the ideal platform to deliver these to the business without having to buy additional applications.  Some examples of these business processes are:

  • Recruitment Requests.
  • Internal HR Processes, such as on-boarding and terminations.
  • Plant Maintenance requests.
  • CAPEX approvals.
  • Payroll Queries
  • And any other Submission Form based Requests, Approvals and Workflows ....

Alt Vision can provide consulting and support to your BA team in providing custom made Cherwell Business Processes in a cost effective manner.

Administration Support

If your Cherwell Administrator is away on leave or you are having trouble finding a replacement when staff leave, Alt Vision can provide Cherwell Administration Services on a short or long term basis.

Please contact one of our senior consultant for a no obligation high level assessment of your requirements and quotation for the support services you require.