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We can assist our customers, post assessment phase,to develop specific designs of each IT Service Management process and identify improvement opportunities within current business practices which can then be included in the road-map as a result of the Assessment Gap Analysis activity.

ITIL is usually used as the reference for adopting Service Management Best Practices when designing our customers IT processes. The ISO 20000 standard requirements will be followed during the design of the processes, to make sure that the process designs are compliant to support any future Standards certification effort.  Alt Vision's in depth knowledge of the “Cherwell Software” platform will further enhance the tailoring of the process to ensure the theoretical design is fully utilizing the Cherwell platform as well as easily adapted and implemented in the business process construction phase.

The methodology we use is a combination of small workshops with group discussions, field assessment, interviews with individuals and groups such as senior managers, team leaders, process owners and process managers, staff members with hands-on experience related to process activities as well as executive management where necessary, e.g. for identification of roles and responsibilities.

We use the highly respected COTS process development methodology as well as BMP2.0 design tools to ensure the process design is documented for future refinement during the continual improvement life-cycle of the process.

The following activities are typically conducted separately for each process to be designed during each of the “Cherwell Service Management” deployment phases:

Carry out a Process Workshop with process stakeholders:

  • Skills transfer and creating a common understanding of the process and its use within Alt Visions Design Team, and the customers Process Manager, process owners and senior staff.
  • Discover any policies and procedures necessary to support the business process.
  • Identify the critical success factors, process flow, and roles and responsibilities as well identifying individuals for the relevant Service Management roles.
  • Initial outline of the process based on the Out-of-the-Box Process,  ITIL and ISO 20000 considerations and any particular customer requirements.

For each Process Workshop the following will be defined:

  • Policies and Objectives.
  • Scope of the process.
  • Critical success factors.
  • Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Process flow covering detailed process steps and procedures.
  • Process triggers, inputs and outputs.
  • Interfaces and integration with other processes where applicable.
  • Key performance indicators for continual improvement.
  • Identify any expected challenges and risks associated with the implementation of the process.

All of these activities require commitment, support and contribution by customer staff members in the form of provisioning of information, time for discussion, decision making for timely and high quality deliverables.  It is important that process owners, process managers, senior management and senior system analysts and administrators will be expected to contribute.

Deliverables for each Process Design will include:

  • The results of activities described above in a specific Process Design Document.
  • Key implementation recommendations and an implementation plan to be used later by vendor/customer staff while implementing the process in their ITSM Tool.