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Asset discovery and inventory software that fully integrates with Cherwell Service Management.

Why Inventory Assets?

Utilize an automated tool to discover and inventory your assets to help you:

  • Strategically guide IT decisions by presenting a comprehensive, accurate view of your IT assets.
  • Improve incident and request resolution times by ensuring up-to-date asset information is available to support staff.
  • Eliminate staff hours and associated costs tied to manual inventory processes.

Discover and Inventory Assets

Automate and quickly discover and inventory network-connected PCs, Mac® computers, servers, and laptops as well as installed software.

Cherwell Discovery & Inventory™ uses a variety of standard protocols and tools such as ICMP, SNMP, and Nmap. Individual ranges of IP addresses, subnets, or entire network searches can be specified and all discovered assets are identified and stored in the Cherwell Device Manager.

You Have Control

Cherwell Discovery & Inventory™, an agent-less scanner, automatically collects the most commonly used information such as CPU, RAM and disk space, running services or daemons, installed programs and packages. Want more detail? Easily extend the request to collect hundreds of advanced attributes by simply selecting them from a provided list.

Inventoried data is stored in the Cherwell CMDB as native Cherwell Service Management business objects that can be reviewed and displayed according to the customer's configuration.

SaaS and On-Premises

As a Cherwell Service Management add-on module, Cherwell Discovery & Inventory™ is hosted with the primary software. Customers can host on-premises, contract with Cherwell for hosting, or contract with a third-party for hosting and can change the hosting model as their needs change.

Regardless of the primary Cherwell software hosting environment, the lightweight Cherwell scheduling service software must be installed on a customer's local workstation or server-class machine within its own network to conduct data scans. The service seamlessly communicates with the Cherwell CMDB via a single port – the same port used to operate Cherwell software. No additional setup is required.