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Community Housing Association
Residential Management System

CHARMS Brochure


         "a complete community housing management system"

CHARMS is a complete community housing management system for any organisation providing subsidised and low cost housing to the community.

It has been designed as a flexible easy to use financial and property management system for the fast growing community housing management sector.

CHARMS is a fully integrated system with powerful features including:

  • Lease Management
  • Household Management
  • Property Management
  • Financial Management
  • Auditing
  • Correspondence
  • Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Inspections
  • Scheduling

CHARMS utilises the power of the “Cherwell Software Platform” to deliver core functionality and flexibility not found in other housing management systems. These include:

  • Underlying Security Management
  • On-Premise or SaaS deployment
  • Subscription or Perpetual Licenses
  • License free Customer Portal
  • Queues, Tasks and Approvals
  • Report Builder and Search Builder
  • Access via Smartphones and Tablets
  • Both Rich Client and Web Client
  • Heads Up Dashboards & Displays
  • One-Steps to Automate Processes
  • Email Monitoring/Outlook Integration
  • Plus many other features

Alt Vision Pty Ltd has over 10 years experience in the development of Community Housing Management Systems and the new “CHARMS mApp®” is the result of taking this knowledge and combining it with the industry leading “Cherwell Software Platform” to provide a new generation of housing management system giving users access from anywhere, anytime utilising its cloud based architecture and support for mobile, tablet and smart computing devices.

         "provides multi-tenancy management for a single dwelling"